Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's This Thing About, Anyway?

So now that I've gone and told a couple of people that this blog exists, I might as well explain what it's about.

This is the first blog I think I've done under my real name.  Googling me doesn't turn up anything about yours truly until page six, I think, and I felt I needed to rectify that.

This blog is about me and writing.  I have another blog for the sort of 'had lunch' details of my day-to-day existence, this space is more for me to talk about the process of writing, and, eventually, the product that I hope will result.

My qualifications to pontificate on such are not wildly impressive, but they're not utterly nonexistent.  I am one of the first graduates of the Creative Writing program at Emory University.  The leftover poems from my classes gave me enough material to make a minor name for myself on the Atlanta spoken word circuit in the mid-nineties.  I have a couple of poems in actual bound books (that I didn't have to pay for) and I've done a bit of music reviewing for some local publications.  So there's that.

I am currently working on taking my past two NaNoWriMo efforts and fusing them into a unified work, which I hope to revise and submit for publication.  I decided instead of waiting until after the thing's published (should it happen--knock wood) I'd go ahead and blog about the process itself and see what comes of it.  It could either be a lovely Cinderella story or a tragic farce.  I have no way of knowing until I set things in motion.  And I invite you, gentle reader, to come along with me and see where it leads.

Friday, February 22, 2008

tap tap . . . is this on?

I decided I needed to get a blawg with my real name for my writerly endeavors . . . and here it is.

More shall come later.  For now, I'm going back to working on my novel.