Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"So, what's it about?"

It's about eighty thousand words, give or take, at this point.

Since the full arc of the story is still in an odd state of flux, I don't feel fully comfortable explaining what it's 'about' to people.  But I am now at a point where I'm willing to at least tell people how the story begins, since I've read the opening scene aloud at a few events and it looks to be one of the firmly anchored points of the thing.  And it seems to serve well to give an impression of the kind of story I'm hoping to tell.

The narrator, June, is sitting in the Majestic, a 24-hour diner that's an Atlanta institution, having just wandered up the street from seeing her favorite local band at the 10 High.  She realizes that her wallet is not in her pocket.  She decides to sit tight for a bit, digs up enough pocket change to pay for a cup of coffee and when the guy behind the counter asks her if she wants anything, she explains that she can't find her wallet.

"It's in your jacket pocket," someone tells her.

She checks and can't find it.

"The inside one on the left," he continues.

And there it is.  She turns to thank her benefactor and sees a man sitting next to her with three most curious qualities.  His face is flawless, his hair is stark white and, as she rapidly comes to realize, she is apparently the only person in the room who can see him.

It kinda goes from there.