Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Things That Happened on November the First

The first, of course, being the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, my favorite November pastime.  I have again submitted myself to the process and I'm about five thousand words into a novel called Dave the Wanderer and the Circle of the Sun.  Dave's a character who showed up in a notebook of mine about fifteen years ago.  Just now I'm getting to write about him.  He's a hell of a lot snarkier than I expected him to be.

The second being the official publication (or maybe just the first day I was able to be sure it existed, I'm not sure) of Catbooks and Other Methods on the iTunes Bookstore.  I've been a bit bad about getting the word out, but I guess I'll have to become That Gal Who Won't Shut Up About Her Book On The Interweebs.  Apologies in advance for that.

I'm about a day behind on my NaNo efforts since I've done very little in the way of wordcount what with grocery shopping and laundry and taking advantage of early voting.  However, I'm embarking on a rather insane adventure with the folks from NaNoLanta which involves writing on and around MARTA for most of Saturday.  That should give me a chance to catch up, I think.  If I get close enough to some WiFi, I'll try to post updates during the day.

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