Saturday, January 14, 2012

100 Odd Words #2 - True Story

I have no clear memory of this incident (I was three years old at the time) but my mother does and I have no reason to doubt her. 

I was squabbling with one of my siblings over a particular toy.  (Which sibling?  Which toy?  The details are lost to me and of no relevance to my mother’s retelling.)  My mother was called on to intervene and decided the case in my favor.  

Instead of celebrating, my response was to fling the object of contention at the feet of my rival.

Have it,” I said.  And with that, I walked away.

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Anonymous said...

That really makes me want to know the details that are lost in time. 'Cause you know there's more to the story if that was your reaction. So intriguing.