Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dead Blog Show

There was a second blog I'd set up because I had this nifty idea about writing music reviews of albums that I'd never gotten around to listening to but that music critics keep namedropping on me.

It was an interesting idea.  Might even have been an interesting blog.  Problem was, I could never seem to get around to writing it and the unfinished business gnawed at the back of my brain for a matter of years.

Today I put up the copy of Exile on Main Street that I'd picked up for the blog in question on and a copy of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World popped up as a possibility.  Sold.

I did try listening, and I even took notes, but the thing so completely failed to hold my interest that I couldn't even muster an entertainingly snarky review.  The most it did was make me want to smack Mick Jagger upside the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels, tell him to wake the fuck up and remind him that he is neither African-American nor Southern.

So I deleted the Virgin Ear blog today.  I might revive the notion over here, as an occasional feature, though with much shorter reviews than the ones I intended.

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