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Excuse Note 2/25/2012

Please excuse Sheila from working on her novel today as she is attempting a Jungian analysis of herself using the entirety of Soft Places instead of that weird dream she had last night.  This excuse note will also serve as an excuse for this week's 100 Odd Words entry in the event that it is not completed by the end of the day.  Thank you.

Goodbye, Raymond

Well, I won't be needing an excuse note today, because I did some minor but oddly significant work on my novel this morning. I changed the gender of one of the characters. Not a significant character, mind you.  But it occurred to me that the exposition this character provides could be just as easily be delivered by a woman as by a man and that having another woman in the room when the heroine discovers her destiny might not be a bad thing to have. So Raymond Capello is now Diana Capello.  Interestingly, I see her a bit more clearly than I saw her as Raymond--when I dug through what I'd written so far I noticed that I skipped the physical description because I couldn't come up with anything compelling and decided to fix that problem in the rewrite.  The only things I had to change in what I've done so far were names, pronouns and a "sir" to a "ma'am". I'm trying an experiment for working on my current novel, now that I have a full-tim

Excuse Note 2/18/2012

Please be advised that Sheila O'Shea was without a working computer for several days and has thus had all writing projects, including 100 Odd Words, disrupted accordingly. Additionally, Miss O'Shea has recently rejoined the ranks of full-time employment and is still readjusting to her new schedule. Therefore, please accept this blanket excuse note for all writing projects through today. Thank you.