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100 Odd Words - Sleeping in an Institution

Every night, one of the nurses would push open the door to the bedspace and shine a flashlight in to make sure we were still in our beds and presumably not in the process of attempting suicide.  She would leave the door hanging wide open each time.  I would wake to the light of the flashlight and stay awake to the light from the hallway.  Each time I would get out of bed and push the door almost closed--enough to block the light but not enough to click the latch, lest they come barging in again for our protection.

No excuses, this time . . .

I knew it had been a while since I'd updated this blog.  I hadn't realized it had been two years . 2013 was the year of The Unpleasantness and after I signed off here I devoted my time to recovering from The Unpleasantness.  My recovery was such that I wasn't able to write much during it but once it was over I was able to devote my time to finishing and revising The Two Kinds of Magic .  It's made the rounds of all the agents I was able to find on and gotten either silence or polite refusals.  I've gotten more direct feedback from the writers' groups I attend, as well as a few people who have read the thing all the way though, and it's been overwhelmingly positive.  Even my sister, who didn't like my first novel, had good things to say about it.  So my ego isn't quite as squashed as it might be. I've sent it to a few publishers that take direct submissions and I think I'll be sending it to a few more before I resort to self