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Clarion West Write-a-Thon - June 23 to August 2

A couple of writers I follow on Twitter linked me to the  Clarion West Write-a-Thon  and I decided that this novel I've been poking at for the past couple of years might stand a better chance of being finished if I had a proper deadline instead of some vague sense that I should really work on that thing. So I have signed up.  My profile is visible here: .  I am asking for any interested sponsors to front the nice folks at Clarion West a dollar for every day that I successfully sidestep all internal excuses and sit my ass down and write.  I will be posting my progress in a daily Tweet from my @wonderbink account with the hashtag #writeathon. I haven't added it to my profile there yet, but I'll state it here--anybody who sponsors me and gives me a mailing address will get a free  Wishing Star  magnet, suitable for sticking on any ferrous metal surfaces you glance at for inspiration. Sound good?  Wish me luck, then.  I have