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A Tiny Step Taken

About ten years ago, I wrote a little science fiction story called "Is That What You Want", which is about a transaction in a place that rents out sexbots. It's more of a vignette than a story, but it is complete at a modest 1,400 wordcount. I dug it up from the depths of my hard drive by using the most obvious search term and found that much of my future technology had gone out of date. Soon after, I learned at a panel at Chattacon called "Sex and the Single Robot" that modern technology was getting closer to catching up to my notions of sexbots. I figured I needed to get this story out before it was rendered obsolete. I updated it and ran it past a couple of writers' groups--Vicious Circle and Decatur Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Scribes, both of which are on Meetup and I highly recommend--and the feedback was quite possibly the most positive I've gotten for anything I've ever written. So I gave it one more grind and polish and sent it