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All Nano's Eve!

 I missed all the candy beggars because I had to work at my evening job. Got home and found that all my Slack channels at my primary job had gone splody. But, even with those distractions, I did manage to finish the chapter-by-chapter outline for Christophina's Moon  before bed. It's the first time I've broken things down by chapters, a strategy I picked up from a ghostwriting gig, in the case of my own work. I think it should be quite helpful for keeping me from spending too much time staring at the screen with my head in my hands, muttering " now  what?" It remains to be seen if I'll be able to stick to it, or whether some pantsing will start to creep in. But, in brief, I'm ready for NaNoWriMo. I think. We'll see. Wish me luck?

It's That Time Again

     One more week until that scary time of year...     ALL NANO'S EVE!     Yup, November fast approaches, and thus National Novel Writing Month. I plan to draft a reboot of the third volume of the Christophina trilogy, Christophina's Moon . I still haven't brought the second volume, Christophina's Garden , to its intended conclusion (and it's been nearly a year!) Volume one, Christophina's Wings  (remember that?), has been run past my writers group and is sliced up in Scrivener, awaiting revision. I'm going to be neck-deep in this thing for a while.      I've decided to dust off this wee blog and use it to chart my progress as I go. I'll at least post my wordcount by day and by total, and may go a little into the process and maybe even detail what happened within the story. Still deciding.     tl:dr - Hi! I'm back! I'm doing NaNoWriMo again! I'll write about it here! See you soon!